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We provide a comprehensive range of pest control services including termite prevention for residential and commercial premises of all kinds all over Perth.

Our services include treatment and prevention of all common interior pests such as spiders, ants and cockroaches as well as rodents, fleas and bed bugs. We can provide pre-construction inspections and deterrent treatments as well as regular treatments for older buildings. Thousands of homes are damaged each year by termite infestation which can be easily prevented by getting regular checks and treatments to prevent termites taking hold in your property. Any structure with timber is at risk and termite damage is not covered by most standard house and property insurance policies.

We inspect any building to determine if there is any termite presence and can place barriers, spot treatments and complete protection of your premises in accordance with Australian standards. For all other pest issues we assess the best way of dealing with the problem and target the source for the most effective control. Whether you have insect or rodent problems we have the services to eradicate, control and prevent further incursion through correct management of the problem.

We use the best quality natural products on the market, particularly pyrethrum based products which are highly effective and safe for your family and pets. In commercial situations we’ll help you maintain a pest free environment in accordance with public health regulations. We work with our clients to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to their business needs. We know that pest infestation is bad for any business and can be costly through product loss, contamination, repair and fines from health authorities.

We believe in giving our clients the best advice and treatment plan to provide prevention from pests becoming a problem. We can provide inspection and treatment services for one –off requirements or on a regular basis, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Call our friendly helpful team for advice on any pest problem and a no obligation quote.